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Friday, June 17, 2011

What is this?

A Twitter brainstorm.

@molly_oneill said:

@andrewkarre But I'm awaiting @MichaelBourret's review of the new nook w/ eagerness. He's like my own personal version of CNet. :)

I said:

@molly_oneill @MichaelBourret A publishing-professional-focused tech review site would actually be really useful.

Then @MichaelBourret said:

@andrewkarre Are you trying to tempt me or something?

Then @molly_oneill said:

@andrewkarre Ooooh, yes! I nominate you & @MichaelBourret to start it!! (Just think: maybe you'd start getting free stuff to review....)

And now we’ve done it.

So, this will be an informal group blog where publishing professional can talk about how they use e-readers and tablets to get work done. Simple as that. Get in touch with me if you want to post.

-Andrew Karre (@andrewkarre)

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